Increase in application fees make mistakes even more costly

The annual increase in fees for immigration and nationality applications came into effect on 6 April 2018 and represents a significant increase on the charges for 2017/18.

Topping the list of charges once again is the fee for a dependent relative application at £3,250. While this has not been increased, significant increases have been made to fees for the most popular Points Based applications. This is despite the government’s stated policy objective to attract the “brightest and the best” to the UK. In many categories, the fees have gone up by an inflation-busting 4%.

These increases precede a more significant hike to the Immigration Health Surcharge which is applied to all applications for limited leave to remain and will see an increase of 100% at some point in 2018, compounding the financial misery for many applicants both in the UK and overseas.

The backdrop to all this is the scandalous profit allegedly made by the Home Office, as previously reported on our website. The highlight of this story being the actual cost to the Home Office of processing an application for residency which has been reported to be £243 against an application fee from April 2018 of £2389.

Further charges also face employers seeking to recruit overseas workers following the introduction of the Immigration Skills Charge Regulations in 2017. The charges impose a levy of £1000 per worker per year for those recruited for the first time from outside the EU, though a lower charge of £364 per worker per year is applicable to small businesses and universities and some exemptions apply.

The message is clear – it pays to get it right first time.

The Home Office are notoriously unforgiving in their assessment of applications and even the tiniest mistake can be very costly, often resulting in a fresh application or an appeal, both of which can run to thousands of pounds and take months.

Instructing a specialist firm of immigration lawyers such as E2W will save you both time and money in the long run and will be one of your better investment decisions; after all, what is more important than your future and those of your loved ones?

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