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E2W offer competitive fees on either a fixed or estimate (ie hourly rate) basis dependent on the type of matter.

Fixed fees

Our fixed fees (as low as £600 in some cases) are based on an average time taken to complete a matter and provide you with the reassurance that there will be no further costs regardless of how complex or time consuming your matter is or becomes thereby helping you to budget your finances. The only addition to our fixed fee is VAT and the relevant Home Office or other application fee (if applicable) which is usually exempt from VAT. We will not charge you anything more without your agreement.

Estimated fees

Our estimates fees are usually applied to more complex matters where it is difficult to establish at the outset how much work will be involved or the matter is initially identified as complex. In these cases, we will provide you with a realistic estimate of our fees and associated costs and advise you if and when that estimate has been reached; at this point, we will provide you with an estimate of any further fees and/or costs anticipated and seek your agreement to the same in writing before proceeding.

Fee Structure

In both cases, our fee structure is usually 50% of our fee (plus VAT) on instruction with the balance of our fee (ie the remaining 50% plus VAT) plus any application fee (where applicable) and/or other disbursement when the work is complete (egwhen your application has been prepared and submitted to the Home Office for consideration).

Periodic payments

We are able to consider periodic payments by direct debit or standing order for individuals.


We are also able to negotiate competitive fees for counsel and other experts (eg translators) which may be required based on our long-standing relationship with leading London chambers and other industry experts.

Corporate fees

For businesses, we can provide a quotation and contract for on-going/routine advice and assistance with compliance and training tailored to the nature and scale of the business and the extent and frequency of the assistance required. This could include ad-hoc right to work or document checks, routine Home Office enquiries and visits, assistance with sponsorship and the sponsor management system or simply notification of updates to relevant legislation and advice on maintaining compliance.

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