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Sponsor Licensing

What is a Sponsorship Licence?

A Sponsorship Licence allows you to apply for a Certificate of Sponsorship for migrant workers and is the process implemented by the Home Office to vet UK businesses to make sure they are reputable and have a genuine need for migrant workers to fill a skills gap. Sponsorship Licences are valid for up to 4 years after which they can be renewed.

How to obtain a Sponsorship Licence

Applications are submitted online with a submission sheet and supporting documents subsequently forwarded to the Home Office together with an application fee (unless paid online) based on the size of the business. Consideration of an application is usually concluded within four to six weeks and may involve an inspection. As part of the application process you will need to confirm you meet the eligibility and suitability requirements as a prospective sponsor/employer, allocate at least three sponsorship management roles to one or more suitable staff and ensure you establish and maintain compliance with the statutory responsibilities with regards to reporting, record keeping and the issuing of certificates (Certificates of Sponsorship). If your application is successful, the Home Office will normally issue you with a sponsor licence for four years.

The Home Office seeks to validate four key points before issuing a Sponsorship Licence to a company. Our team can assist with all aspects of the application process and ensure your organisation meets the Home Office’ key requirements which are as follows:

  1. That you’re a genuine organisation operating lawfully in the UK.
  2. That the key personnel named on your application are deemed honest, dependable and reliable.
  3. That you have systems in place to enable you to meet the prescribed sponsor duties including right to work checks, reporting etc….
  4. If applying under the Tier 2 (General) visa, that you can offer genuine employment that meets the appropriate skill level and pay rates.

We can also attend any compliance visits conducted by the Home office in association with an initial application or subsequent validation.

Please contact us for an initial discussion about your proposed application or for advice and assistance with any licensing issue.

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