Certificate of Acceptance for Studies

Certificates of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)

A CAS is a virtual document, similar to a database record. As an educational provider and sponsor, you complete a process that produces a unique CAS reference number, which you give to the student.

A CAS is your way of confirming, as a licensed sponsor, that:

  • You want to sponsor an overseas student to study in the UK
  • To the best of your knowledge, that student meets the requirements of the rules for a valid CAS and will be able to make a successful application for leave to come to or stay in the UK

When you apply for a sponsor licence, you must apply for the number of confirmations of acceptance for studies (CAS) you would like to assign in your first year. The number must include:

  • Existing students who you expect to apply for an extension
  • New students, you want to sponsor

You may request a CAS allocation of up to 50 per cent of your current student body. Your student body must comprise UK, EU or Swiss nationals.

What you’ll need to do…

You must provide evidence to support your request, as well as your educational oversight report. The Home Office will consider a range of factors in order to reach a decision on your CAS allocation including compliance with the relevant sponsorship guidance.

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I highly recommended E2w UK Ltd. My solicitor, Paris offered me tremendous support throughout the entire process and was very dedicated to my case. My application was successful. I remain forever grateful for the invaluable, courteous, and professional services.Thank you very much E2w and special thanks to Miss Paris Sazida.

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