Home Office to freeze bank accounts of illegal immigrants

New changes are set to come into force this week which will give the Home Office the ability to shut down the bank accounts of illegal immigrants.

Figures show that the Home Office expects to identify 6,000 visa overstayers, failed asylum seekers and foreign national offenders facing deportation in the first year of the scheme.

The government claims that the measures will incentivise people to leave voluntarily so that they can secure their finances once they have left the country.

In 2015, an impact assessment was undertaken by HM Treasury along with the Home Office, the Ministry of Justice and the Financial Conduct Authority to study the effect that the measurements will have.

The report claimed that denying illegal immigrants access to banking services “will make it harder for them to establish or maintain a settled life in the UK and should incentivise voluntary departure”.

However, many human rights organisations expressed concerns that some British citizens will be wrongly targeted.

A report published by the chief inspector of borders found that one in ten people who were refused a new account for immigration reasons were denied mistakenly because of Home Office records.

If you are hoping to obtain or extend a UK Visa, then it is important that this is done correctly to avoid the risk of financial penalties or legal proceedings being taken against you.

Our immigration lawyers can also help you to apply for a judicial review if you believe that the wrong decision has been made about your visa application.

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