Brexit may end EEA free movement to overseas migrants

EEA Family Permits

A leaked Home Office paper has set out proposals to end the free movement of European migrants immediately after Brexit and introduce restrictions to deter unskilled EU workers.

The paper, dated August 2017, set out plans to ensure that unskilled workers who do come to this country are only offered two years residency.

It will also ensure that high-skilled workers are only able to stay for a period of three to five years.

The leaked document also detailed proposals to end the right to settle in Britain for most European migrants. It imposes tough new limits on their rights to bring in family members.

Those wanting to enter the UK from the EU would be obligated to show passports and a new system of temporary biometric residence permits would be brought into force.

The Home Office paper, entitled the Border, Immigration and Citizenship System After the UK Leaves the European Union, revealed that the proposals would have to be endorsed by ministers.

Under the proposed measures, resident workers would be given preference in the employment market.

Right to Work checks would also be carried out and any EU national living in the UK who wants to bring their spouse from outside the EU here, would have to earn a minimum of £18,600 a year.

If implemented, these measures would make it much tougher to obtain citizenship in the UK.

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